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When the time comes



When the time comes



Yoga is a path to the realization of self and in this it is a path that must in time be walked alone. 



There comes a time when the student recognizes what they are seeking from their practice is something quite profound, something indescribably their own. At this moment there is a call to sharpen discipline as the curiosity for the practice within balloons. Certainly, these privates are designed to offer detailed understanding to the seeking student as they heed this enthused call.

The sessions are designed for the student as an individual, structured to support their particular growth, honoring the distinct nature of their budding practice from where they stand in body, mind, and heart. However, the deeper intention is to slowly usher the student out of the nest of constant guidance by offering the understandings necessary to structure a personal practice. The fate of the student, by the nature of this practice, is to recognize the inner Guru. In this they must become their own teacher.


Privates involve any or all of these subjects

Asana (Physical Postures)

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

Dharana (Concentration Techniques)

Dhyana (Meditation)

Dharma (Discussion)



all 90 minutes

1 session = $120.00

6 sessions = $600.00

12 sessions = $1080.00


all 60 minutes

1 session = $100.00

6 sessions = $500.00

12 sessions = $850.00



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