Oh, noble spirit,  finder of this ancient way



Oh, noble spirit,  finder of this ancient way

Dear Friends, 

     The idea is we'll spend a weekend together practicing diligently within a beautiful home besides like minded souls, outside this hungry city's reach, with a little space, a little silence, and a little time to remember another way! We'll be doing a lot of yoga, focusing on the entire spectrum of this practice. We'll practice meditation to recover clear mind, asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) to recover energy, and ceremony to recover spirit. Ultimately, we'll be learning how to move through what is stunted and closed within us by opening and then accepting every possible aspect of our world. 

     It'll be a challenge but growth always is and by the end of it I'm certain we'll all be a bit more centered than we were, with a few more friends than we had, and the infinite miracle that is life a bit more obvious than it was. 

With love,




Retreat Begins WEDNESDAY JULY 31 @ 7:00PM

Retreat Ends SUNDAY AUGUST 4 @ 8:00PM  



"Eben Oroz demonstrates the depth of sincerity of his own practice in the way that he teaches. He creates a safe space in retreats for students to explore both philosophy and the connections between mind, body, and spirit. Spending a weekend with him is a transformational experience supported by positive community connections." 

Felicia Tomasko 
Editor in Chief 
LA YOGA Magazine

"I was given an opportunity to experience Eben Oroz's AS I AM retreat, hands down one of the best experiences I have had in my life. From the first moment I walked into the space it felt sacred and it only deepened from there..." 

Deanna Ainsworth, ERYT 
Santa Monica Yoga Director 
HOT 8 Yoga Studio 



3 nights and 3 days of Sadhana (Practice)

2 Asana (Physical Postures) Practices per Day

5 hours of Meditation Throughout Weekend

Daily and Progressive Pranayama (Breathwork) Breakdown

Chanting and Fire Gazing (Devotion to Focus)

Yoga Nidra (Sensitivity Training)

Ritual and Initiation (Acts of Meaning)

Dharma Talks on the Philosophies within Techniques

and 3 delicious home cooked vegetarian meals daily




The retreat can be divided into three subjects; Mind, Energy, and the Spirit.


Mind will be explored through stillness and silence. Again, the ambition within the practicing of Mind is to accept self. Key concepts are:


(The void)


(The four layers of the complete mind)

The Kleshas

(The obstacles before freedom)


(Divine symmetry)


(The trust within indifference)


(The embodied divine)


Energy will be redefined and re-experienced through a complete vision of what asana & pranayama are. The assumption is that if we can process more Energy than we have the power to process more of what life is. To process is to accept. Key concepts are:



(The divine technology of the human being)


(Breath expanding, invigorating, pacifying, and balancing techniques)


(The great seal) 


(The infrastructure of energy)


The recognition of Spirit is a surprising epiphany! It can only happen on its own. Through Spirit we are able to accept the totality and paradox of the highest truth. Key concepts are:


(The 5 layers of the human being)


(The 5 currents of wind)


(The sacred rendezvous that is the senses)


(The infinite experience)




(The third eye)




First evening:

Welcomes and Introductions




Day 1, 2, and 3

Mornings are devoted to the acceptance of self through mind




Free time


Afternoons are devoted to the acceptance of life through energy





Free time


Evenings are devoted to the acceptance of truth through spirit


Chanting and Firegazing / Nidra / Initiation Ritual






Tara Sanctuary is a serene respite for the soul! 



     A Gorgeous 4000 sq ft, 3 story villa, on 5 acres of lush mature landscapes, surrounded by over 40 acres of Mountain Conservation land. Bright spacious interiors with cathedral ceilings, patios and open decks with mountain, and sunset views. It has four bedrooms and 3 baths with 3 wood burning fireplaces and relaxed furnishings.  The Villa is tastefully decorated, a perfect blend of rustic style and gracious comfort.

     The rooms glow with soft lighting, statues and woodcarvings of archetypes. Gentle waves of the fragrance of tea leaves with a hint of sage linger in the space. During the day, the sun shines in flooding each room with natural light and framing spectacular views from every single window. At night soft warm lighting can be controlled with dimmers.

     Naturally beautiful surroundings.  Many tranquil settings everywhere for everyone to find a peaceful space to retreat to.  The feel of the property is that of being in one's home.  Take a stroll in the beautiful gardens or sit by the fountains.  Dine outside on the Wisteria covered patios and relax in our intimate gazebo.  During the warmer days you may find yourself unwinding on the floating bed at the top of the property or hammocks. In winter time enjoy the fireplaces on the comfy armchairs in every room on the ground level. The generous space facilitates a wonderful deepening into your own meditative space. For more information:





Avocado Toast with Stuffed Tomato

Avocado, Lemon, Balsamic Marinated Tomato, Spinach, Onions, Garlic, Egg


Stuffed Bell Peppers with Chipotle Coconut Cream Sauce

Bell Pepper, Avocado, Sweet Potato, Arugula, Onion, Garlic


Squash Enchiladas with Creamy Tomatillo Sauce

Squash, Roasted Corn, Bell Pepper, Rainbow Chard, Tomatillo, Cilantro, Lime, Cashew



This retreat is in a home.

Bedrooms and bathrooms will be shared and couches slept on.

 With that, we'll be very much together in this. A family of journeying friends approaching this new horizon!





KING = $800.00 (QTY: 1)

QUEEN = $800.00 (QTY: 3)

TWIN = $800 (QTY: 2)

COUCH (luxurious couch) = $800.00 (QTY: 2)

FUTON = $800.00 (QTY: 2)

COTS = $800.00 (QTY: 2)

THICK FLOOR MAT = $800.00 (QTY: 6)

BYOB (bring your own bedding) = $600.00 (QTY: 3)



50% deposit as first payment to reserve spot;

second payment of 50% paid before retreat



AS I AM Down Payment


Contact me here with any questions or concerns you might have.


Now, I want to promise you...

      I believe we are all living through the greatest story ever conceived. Its timeless chapters have spanned all lifetimes from the planetary to the microbial. It is built of infinite complexities. This infinitely deep and infinitely complex moment of yours, which is the same moment as mine, is the current chapter of this unfolding and eternal tale and this chapter is blessed with the particularly stunning epiphany of Self as conscious. The great leap of consciousness has been foreshadowed, hasn’t it? Since the very first whisper of the very first page it was understood that consciousness would come! Because of this exceptional position we all have the personal opportunity to embrace this world opening thought. The story of “I” is the story of the universe itself awakening for the first time. That is the core belief that drives my pursuit of truth and what I believe in our heart we are all experiencing. Yoga has been an invaluable tool in the path to the epiphany of Self. I promise to give you my best understanding of what yoga might be so you may walk with more awareness into the heart of this great story.

     Through AS I AM I’m trying to recreate what I experienced through my practicing in India. You see, I went to India to find this truth but immediately India challenged me.  I had my visions of what the journey would be, where I would go, what I would do but India ripped that apart, the tigress that she is. My intentions mangled, I reacted by doubting my aims and myself. I tried to run. With help and support I thankfully stayed and then moved forward. I went north because that’s where the road led. I found a town nestled in the mountains quiet enough for me to completely retreat into yoga. I left the world outside and entered my practice. I became the temple. I became the foreign land. Inside myself, where the world couldn’t reach, where even I could hardly reach, I found something outrageously vast and surprisingly alive. So, inside the Himalayas, inside this little mountain town, inside this guest room’s four blue walls, inside this practice, inside this self, inside this technique, inside this doubt, this fear, this effort, this love, this quiver, this moment… I met a truth. The practice, all of it, was a way to a position. This position then became a state of mind. I considered that yoga wasn’t the “practice” at all. It was never the pose or the breath or the focus. Yoga proved itself to be the spontaneous sense of inescapable bondedness that emerged from what I knew as the practice. Yoga, became the dawning experience of my efforts and my breaths and my stillness!

     I was opened. I tapped in. I would weep at the site of children playing with their dancing mothers. My mind would howl love and joy all on its own. There was no effort to recognize the acute divinity of life. I would find profound wisdom in each of life’s gestures. I saw life’s most hidden secrets in the rice fields and the beauty of what it means to be human in the villages. I learned respect from the spiders and centipedes. I learned strength and love from the street dogs that grinned in the day and growled in the night. The movements of time softened so that eternity was all there was.

     To get there, that place where the epiphany is, I had to practice. Every single layer had its toll. This pursuit asked for all of me. I gave it as much as I could. I practiced and practiced and practiced as my muscles screamed enough and my mind whispered this is mad. Thankfully I’d learned that doubt was nothing but a destroyer and this was something that I would not let be destroyed. Only until fate stepped in with an illness did I stop. You see, I’d been looking for truth for longer than I knew. That core belief is my core, after all. I admit there was desperation in me and as a catalyst that desperation served. I was too close to truth to not try. So when I cracked the core through my strongest practice I got to touch that truth and for the first time in this life commune with what I’ll now always know as sacred. As dramatic as this might read, it’s not so odd or so hard to practice this way in India. There is something in the land and its people, bubbling from its history that induces this level of discipline. Just walk the Himalaya and pure spirit is yours! But here in LA another path is taken. There are other desires and responsibilities here that move against the pursuit of the absolute. It's hard to be in that sort of practice in this sort of city. With just a drop of intention things can change.

     In the end what I discovered is that the inner mind is real, life is conscious, and there is an ever-present dialogue between self and reality. The story is real. It is a story of pure love, sustained by pure energy, and perceived by the pure mind. If these worlds are never touched then these words will never be more than words and the story will never be recognized, although still lived through. To recognize the story as we live through it, there is nothing sweeter. So, to any yogis curious enough and brave enough to go into the deep blue waters of yoga… come, commit, and practice. 

and know the story has now only just begun:)