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Teacher Training

At long last, here again,


Teacher Training

At long last, here again,

"Dearest student," the teacher howls proudly, like thunder from the year long clouds of practice, "Here is yoga!"

"It has helped me resolve the struggle. It will help you. Let us recall when their was only wonder, before the first thought of fear, before life became dangerous, before peace turned to confusion. How the tides change! Oh, this dance of opposites. It is a play between love and corruption. Through this war grows a nostalgia for the peace that was. Ancient love. A forgotten state of enchanted intimacy. Remember the fearless Self. Focus. Yogi. Student. Teacher. Master! It is you. You, the forgotten state. Forever you. As teacher your being will scream, 'See my body. It is strong and supple. And my mind? It is sharp and clear. My ego? Finally, it is satisfied because it has been humbled. Hear my breath. It is patient and rich. What of my heart? It is, of course, warm and infinite. Ah, and my soul, despite the eternities it is finally mine.' Know howeverdespite it all you will always struggle regardless of your peace because that is the way of things. Impossible and true. The difference is, now the struggle itself is wondrous. The struggle is the teacher and the lesson is the pure joy of managing this grain of paradise."

This is the gift of not just yoga but the thousands of teachers that embody it as a way of being, sustaining it through the erosion of time.





Weekend 1: The Epiphany of Self


Weekend 2:  The Tyranny of Desire


Weekend 3: The Responsibility of Being


Weekend 4: The Blade of Effort


Weekend 5: The Cave of Illusion


Weekend 6: The Promise of Victory


Weekend 7: The Wheel of Time


Weekend 8: The Position of Life



DISCLAIMER: This training is for all level students. We will start at the beginning and make our way to the end, together. Don't be intimidated by the terms or philosophies, they are just pretty words and pretty ideas:)


PRANAYAMA (Breathwork)

Prana is the breath of life, practically translated as Energy. Pranayama is the work of controlling life's animating force through breath.


Biology of Prana

Philosophy of Prana

The Nadi System (The Energy Body) and Chakras (Energy Organs)

Invigorating Breath Techniques

Sensitizing Breath Techniques

Expanding Breath Techniques

Bandhas (Energy Locks) and Granthis (Psychic Knots)



ASANA (Postures)

 Asana is the process of perfecting the physical body into an instrument that is more capable of processing the active, physical, and intelligent experience that is life.


12 Principal Asana Shapes

Embodied Epiphanies: The Symbolism of Postures

Postures as Technology

The Lifecycle of a Pose: Rupa (Form), Sthira (Effort), Dwesha (Resistance), Drishti (Gaze), Sukha (Peace)

Transitioning and Vinyasa (Mindful Positioning)

Stillness and Dharana (Single Pointed Focus)

The Panchakosha: Anatomy and Invisible Anatomy

Yoga Nidra: The Yogi’s Sleep

The Body as Bliss: Restorative Poses

Details of the Third Eye and Opening Rituals (Vajrasattva)

Details of Savasana and Closing Rituals (Balasattva)




 Life is forever moving. Anitya is the law of eternal movement; the art of sequencing postures is a form of mastering this universal law.


Hatha: A Practice of Exertion

Lila (Play) as a Law of Movement

Sequencing style: Expressive

Sequencing style: Rhythmic

Sequencing style: Strategic

Sequencing style: Thematic

Sequencing style:Freeform




 Just as the flower is supported by the soil, the Sun, and the rain, there are many necessary ways to assist a single seed.


Physical Assistance (Adjustments)

Verbal Assistance (Cueing)

Visual Assistance (Demonstrating)

Namaste: Communicating Only to the Student’s Soul




 The genius insight of the Yogi is that the purified Mind, which is a Mind overwhelmed be its awareness, morality, and intention rather than its impulsivity, passion, and desperation, is King of all, absolutely.


Equation of Meditation: Subject + Object = Unity

Fundamentals of Mindfulness: Stillness, Sensitivity, and Rhythm

Structure of Mind: Yogic Psychology

Mantra (Chanting), Yantra (Visualization), and Shoonya (Nothingness)

Hridayaksha: The Heart Inside the Mind

Maya vs. Turiya : Truth vs. Illusion

3 Epiphanies of Meditation

3 Horizons of Parabrahma (Total Reality)




Life can be perceived as and through pattern. Patterns can be mapped. Assumptions can then be made. Knowledge is then attained. Now, wisdom can be applied.


Complete dissection of Yoga Sutras

The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha

Duality, Kundalini, and Enlightenment (Unity)

Spirituality vs. Practicality: How will we truly change?

Mythology as a Chronicle of Consciousness: Purusha (Mind), Prakriti (Energy), and Atman (Soul)

Self Imposed Exile: Asceticism, and Stoicism

Samkhaya Philosophy as Solipsism

Koshas: Layers of the Human Being

Bahyakosha: Layers of the Ego

Gunas: States of Energy

Tattwas: Ancient Elemental Nature




Teaching at its finest is a statement of pure love.


Samskaras: Remembered Trauma!

How to Hold Space: Voice, Posture, Cadence, Eye Contact

Confronting Mara (Insecurity)

Jnanedriyas (The Five Senses) as the Keys to Intimacy

Teaching as Bhakti: Service

Teaching as Shakti: The Mother

Teaching as Shiva: The Guru

Teacher, the Actor

The Teacher and the Ego: Learning to Deal with Praise and Ridicule

Death of the Student, Death of the Personal Practice






700AM – 800AM Meditation

800AM – 930AM Asana

930AM – 1100AM Pranayama


 1100AM – 1200PM Lunch


1200PM – 100PM Asana Breakdown & Sequencing

100PM – 200PM Assisting

200PM – 300PM Discussions on Teaching

300PM – 400PM Practice Teaching Asana


400PM – 500PM Early Dinner


500PM – 600PM Sutra Discourse

600PM – 700PM Philosophy

700PM – 800PM Practice Teaching Meditation

800PM – 900PM  Exploring the Teacher and Career



What you notice first is the stillness, the external world seems to drop away.

The Tara Sanctuary Studio is a gorgeous 1200 Sq Ft free-standing studio at the heart of a pristine private estate. Surrounded by a beautiful garden with fountains and waterfalls, its nestled adjacent to 40 acres of land owned by a nature conservancy. This space is created for the purpose of healing and spiritual retreat, where those who need refuge from a sense of too much worldliness can seek a quieter, purer, more exalted state of being.  




20%, 50%, or 100% deposits/payment to reserve your spot;


Teacher Training Payment

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"When did you start your journey?"

I've been asked this question a handful of times. The question is seemingly straight forward. Still, it's always hard to answer because this journey that we are so curious to define has always been, long before us it has been. Right now, my journey looks and sounds like yoga. Yoga brings with it a particular mystique. This journey we're all on seems to become more real as we commit to this practice. For now, my journey looks like being a teacher. It looks like sharing breath techniques and posturing. It sounds like wisdom and exotic words unlocked from philosophies a thousand years old. Yoga gives this journey a perceivable shape. That is it's genius value. Long before yoga the journey looked like grade school. The journey was a playground on Sunday afternoon or a tantrum in the evening because I was tired. The journey used to be the holding of my Mother's hand or pretending I was an animal walking in imagined forests while my Father played his keyboard composing songs for my fantasy. So what is this question really asking? "When did you realize you were looking for yourself? When did you consciously understand you were the point of it all? When did you consider that it was the stuff behind your eyes that you were trying to see?" That is a different question.

There are principal moments when the secret intention of life erupts. It is a world shifting event to know you are reaching for yourself. First it is a whisper, then a rumble, and then the sky is glowing with the blinding heat of revelation. The slivers of time when we are actively attempting to scale the vertical wall and escape the current plateau are the moments of metamorphosis. These are the great leaps into a new experiencing of Self. The rumble stirs us. The glowing sky awakens us. There is a hesitation, naturally. You are confronting the tempest of change. It is Shiva himself. For me the first storm came as a shattered heart. It taught me to speak to the world because there was no where else to turn. Then, a slow waltz with psychedelics came to seduce my rationality and show me there are a thousand worlds to see and a thousand more to hear and a thousand more to touch. Then, clinical psychology and graduate school opened me to both meditation and more importantly the secret truth of our shared and ever present suffering. Then came Yoga and India, which provided a method and a landscape in which my "Self" could be reached. India solidified my faith in the reality of a soul and in the cosmic dance of this soul and infinity. Most recently, LA, a city of ambition and dreams, of glittering lights and beautiful facades, a city of competition, opportunity, creativity, identity, and egoism. To internalize or externalize? How can I dissolve when all this city begs for is a face to glorify? Can I do both? It is the current lesson. Who knows when our next opportunity to leap will come. It might be right now. It might come tomorrow. Whenever it does come it will redefine us. As they all have redefined us!

My teacher training was a pivotal opportunity. It was one of those moments. Like all of our tests they demand more and in that we become more. This training will push you to access that "more". It will reduce you back into shapelessness. My aim is to break what is too rigid. I will work to put weight on what seems weak. I will use tools to pry open the fearful pieces. The aim is for you to leap beyond it, so when you look back into the timeline of your life you can say these 200 hours certainly led to something remarkable.

With love,


Eben's Yoga Images015.jpg

The Impossible Truth

Upon this immortal road

The Impossible Truth

Upon this immortal road